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The Star Wars Game

This is the official page of the Star Wars game.

It includes
-Anyone who wants to join

-And me as game leader person.

Play the game in below comments. Type “(private)” to keep it from being seen to other players.


  1. joshua

    hi want to play. also plz stop letting Brett destroy my stuff. if he attacked my ship at all, my weapons would destroy him. even if he has an ion cannon. he would never be able to touch my ships that without retaliation and demise.

  2. joshua

    aman im on my drive, and the swg game has 3 thing. the iso files, the swg emu setup, and the instructions. which do i open.

  3. Aman

    Oh yeah the game. You notice a crack in the floor near Darth Vader. it’s very big and the floor seems very weak. Suddenly, your lightsaber shorts out. you re-ignite it. What do you do?

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