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The Game- Braden/Evie

73 thoughts on “The Game- Braden/Evie

  1. jaswag

    umm did I just find something that wasn’t supposed to be found?

  2. Braden

    1. nice job with this new post thing i like it 2. I Shott da buzzbots in the face

  3. Aman

    bob does NOT have a weak spot. Bob presses the elmo-crossbones button. the elmo ships explode. what do you do?

  4. Aman

    you destroy the buzzbots. however the shields are starting to go down. Do you go to the top turret with advanced targeting systems and touchscreen blasters and proton torpedoes?

  5. Aman

    a few buzzbots land on your ship. 2 of them explode, and there are still 3 left. they crawl inside the ship and try to destroy it.

  6. Aman

    do you go to the top turret blasters? a few fighters are ovehead. Bob is still expertly piloting the spacecraft. The shields are up.

  7. Aman

    Bob never pressed the button. however braden blasted 10 of the TIE fighters and 7 of the Elmo fighters. REFRESH

  8. Evie

    I yell shit grab braden and sling him over my shoulder and run LOL

  9. Braden

    i mean HE doesn’t but i hit him in his weak-spot and he is unconcess (Not on the button)

  10. Braden

    BOB!! you cant decide for me 🙁 but thats what i was gonna do anyway and why did you say it like you were shooting like what?!

  11. Aman

    You begin to shoot down fighters. Evie does the top one, you get the bottom. (even though she’s not here) These blasters have advanced targeting systems and touchscreen blasters and proton torpedoes.

  12. Braden

    OK, i jump into the Cannon thing on the bottom of the falcon and try to shoot them. (also that escalated quickly)

  13. Aman

    you also notice 20 TIE fighters and 29 Evil Elmo Fighters (EEFs) on your tail. you realize that was why you were going so fast. you also wonder how Bob got on the ship.

  14. Braden

    wow new respect to bob, i thank him and HOLY CRUD QUILAVA SUCKS!!!!!

  15. Aman

    You find a random asteroid heading toward you. you go to the cockpit. you find Bob expertly flying it around the asteroid.

  16. Braden

    what? im not gonna question it XD. wonder when evie will get on

  17. Aman

    You punch it in its nose. it eats a random piece of a sandwich. it leaves.

  18. Aman

    you go out to try to grab the dino. you grab the dino. however, it turns out it is a real dino and tries to bite you. what do you do?

  19. Braden

    Alright. I fly to The DEATH STAR!!! and blow up elmo’s home planet 🙂 i also get doritos from the vending machine

  20. Aman

    You run onto a ship called “The Ultimate Elmo Falcon.” The ship is faster than an x-wing. It has a vending machine. You and Evie(not here) get on and take off.

  21. Aman

    you try to shoot elmo in the face. Elmo is a sith. he deflects the laserbolt.

  22. Aman

    you shoot a bunch of troopers. the elmo looks at you. he tries to laser-eye you. he misses by 1 millimeter.

  23. Braden

    i have a blaster right? and evie has a lightsaber? also i couldent give her the website thing so it will just be me for now.

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