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Future World Project

This Is The Official Page of Our Future World Project

     – Aman and Ian



  1. Ian Wilson

    transportation will be easier because of the use of electromagnetic cells to make specific objects float. transportation will be much faster this way (and no traffic)! you can still drive a normal car if you are uncomfortable using a flying pod or if you are not ready to drive an airborne vehicle.

  2. Aman

    It will feature Changeable rooms. these already exist, and they save a movable, customizable room to your fingerprint or id card. Say you set a room to have pink walls and a TV close to the sofa. the movable furniture will automatically move there and save the room to your print. If you go on vacation, you can go into a room and use your fingerprint. the room will change into the room you made before. THIS ALREADY EXISTS!

  3. Ian Wilson

    In this project, we believe that to protect us from earthquakes, we need to bring back the idea of pyramids. build houses in the shape of a pyramid.

  4. Aman

    Ok. Here’s the idea. We are planning to make a housing superstructure, complete with electromagnetic ‘pods’, and hopefully being able to support floating craft.

    It will have metal lightning protection, and will provide a safe and awesome-looking place to live.

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