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How to use a mouse as a joystick in X-Wing Alliance and other games

X-Wing Alliance is a very advanced Star Wars-themed flight simulator first published in 1999. It was a huge success, due to its immersive storyline, amazing graphics(for its time, lol) and multiplayer fun. The game lasted well beyond its lifespan, but the X-Wing series of games just…stopped coming out, meaning space flight sims faded away.

However, like every other awesome game, loyal fans worked on a project to upgrade the game to 2017-ish standards. The upgrade is called XWA Upgrade and the add-on pack with even more ships is called “Darksaber’s Ultimate Craft Pack,” or DSCUP for short. The game looks amazing with these upgrades, and is just as fun (probably more).

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credit to,_Tie_Fighter_and_X-Wing

However, before you begin playing, you might notice the game apparently “requires” a joystick to play. Naturally, I don’t have one since I’m too lazy to get it. That’s why this tutorial will be on how to use a mouse as a joystick for X-Wing Alliance (this should work for most other games too).


The first step is to download vJoy. vJoy is what makes the mouse-to-joystick program work. (so it’s required.)

After downloading vJoy, run the installer from your downloads folder. The installer is pretty straightforward.


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Next, download the actual mouse-to-joystick program.

Download either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version for your computer, but if you don’t know if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, just download the 32-bit version.

Now, extract the zip file you downloaded, by finding it in your downloads folder, right-clicking it, and pressing “extract all.” Look for the new folder in your downloads called “Mouse-to-Joystick.XX-bit” and move it to somewhere you will remember (putting it or a shortcut to it next to your game shortcut on the desktop is a good idea.

Now, every time you want to use the mouse-to-joystick program with a game, open the folder and run the MouseToJoystick.exe program inside. Double-right click to enable and disable the joystick mode. This allows you to continue to use your mouse as well as the joystick.


The program should look something like this.


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