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Forgive me if I did not spell it correctly, I already destroyed the virus.

So, wondering what that process named Chcezc or Nipx-something and another one are doing in task manager? They all are part of a service called Aakolj. It is an adware that sometimes downloads with other programs and causes ad redirects. I found no specific info online except the virus def that it is adware. Yet I successfully purged it.

First, I logged on as an administrator.

Next, I opened up services on the task manager(services>open services).

After that, I chose properties for the service called Aakolj.

I changed the startup type to disabled.

Then I restarted the computer, searched up %appdata%, went to the roaming folder(Windows 8 below, otherwise just go to the appdata folder in search), and deleted the Chcezc folder, the adware’s home folder. this can only be done because it is no longer running running.

If you open services, it may still appear(Aakolj), but it doesn’t know its deleted(the cache is still there but you can leave it).

And you’re Done!

If you wanted to know what the virus does, it makes links on websites redirect to fraudulent sites that have ads(usually for fraudulent security software).

Now you can go through websites without the pesky redirect ads!