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Blender Eevee and Nebulae

Blender 2.8 comes with a brand-new rendering engine called Eevee as well as a plethora of major improvements to the well-known 3D tool Blender. One such improvement is more advanced volumetrics. Volumetrics is a type of 3D rendering that can be used to achieve realistic gases, smoke, atmosphere, and more. One great use of volumetrics is creating amazing, realistic nebulae.

Nebula are huge clouds of gas spanning light-years that are home to billions upon billions of stars. Rendering these to any realistic degree takes a significant amount of time and effort. But with the help of volumetrics and some clever algorithms, a team of Blender artists were able to come up with a method to easily generate them.

Using the framework and node setup provided in Curtis Holt’s video on advanced nebulae I was able to create some amazing renders of my own.









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