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Windows 10 Internet Glitch

This is a common problem in Windows 10 computers.

Most computers/devices on your network might be able to connect to the internet, but for you it says the network has no internet.

The solution is relatively simple for me.

However, the troubleshooter may say it is missing an internet protocol.

That is wrong.

Your computer has an address used to connect. Windows 10 sometimes mixes up the address.

Now to the point.

Hold down the Windows key + R (The Run Menu)

Type “ncpa.cpl”(no quotation marks)

On your connection, right-click and select properties

Select internet protocol version 4(TCP/Ipv4).

Click properties

Make sure DNS AND Ipv4 addresses are set to be gotten automatically.

If it doesn’t work, do the same with TCP/Ipv6.

You are done!

If it doesn’t work search it up. Your case may be more different.