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Kerbal Space Program Review

    Kerbal Space Program sounds like yet another indie game at first. But it is far more advanced and far more fun than I ever expected. This is my review of the game.

    To begin with, KSP is not just a space simulator. It’s a physics simulator too. It’s also a fun game. This combination of Minecraft’s sandbox with the ability to build anything you want makes the base(stock), umodded game extremely fun. I personally play Sandbox Mode so that I can get building with all the parts straight away, however that might be overwhelming to some players. However, with enough experimentation, anyone can learn the basics fast, because it’s like in the real world (most of the time)

   An important aspect of KSP is the amazing mods for it. the KSP community makes awesome mods that add significantly to the fun of the game without taking away from it at all. For example, while some mods might just add cool and useful parts, others such as KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) and KAS (Kerbal Attachment System) add a whole entire system that allows you to modify your craft in-flight with technicians and stuff. It’s awesome.

   One time I created an entire base on the Mun only to get annoyed at my lack of wheels (ok, not really I wanted to tear it apart) and salvaged all the parts from the base using KIS and KAS to create a giant shuttle to send all the Kerbals on the base back home.

   Another notable mod is MechJeb. While some people do not like it due to its autopilot function, letting MechJeb fly your craft as a noob to KSP helps you learn how to fly them. For more experienced pilots, it lets you automate some of the more boring tasks as well.

  KSP mods are countless, and anyone with a good enough computer can install tens of these mods at the same time. In fact, I have around 23+ mods on my KSP. KSP has an entire in-game solar system, with equivalents for almost all our planets and terrain as well. Kerbin has two moons, as opposed to Earth’s one, giving noobs another destination before the jump to another planet.


***NOTE***   I will post a guide to KSP as well as useful mods and tips soon. Check out my YouTube channel ( and stay tuned!


P.S for some good KSP videos, watch these:

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